Childbirth in Chile

with citizenship registration!

  • Experience excellent birthing conditions along the Pacific Coast.
  • Obtain a Chilean passport for your entire family hassle-free.
  • Enjoy visa-free travel to over 160 countries, including the United States, Canada, Japan, and EU nations.
  • Benefit from a personal consultant providing support throughout your time in Chile.
  • Receive expert assistance in preparing for immigration.

Unlock a world of opportunities for you and your child!

Moms-to-be choose ChileBabies

Giving birth in Chile and acquiring citizenship in this developed Latin American nation has become a common choice for thousands of expectant mothers worldwide. Every year thousands of pregnant women from all over the world choose Chilean clinics, as they are offered a premium level of comfort, safety and medical support. The popularity of the “Childbirth in Chile” program grows every year also because the Chilean passport allows you to visit more than 160 countries without visas.

In addition, expectant mothers are attracted by the optimal climate and the country’s location on the Pacific coast. In Chile, your family will be at the service of not only advanced medical services, but also developed infrastructure and recreation at the best resorts in South America. Are you still thinking about it? Make the decision to give birth in Chile and unlock all the privileges of citizenship in a developed nation!

Будущие мамы выбирают Chilebabies
Guarantee of the result under the contract
Full transparency of all processes
Comprehensive support 24/7
Russian and Spanish speaking mentor
Moving to the USA
Using a Chilean passport, moving to the United States becomes much easier. With this document, the risk of being denied entry to the U.S. is minimal and you will not need a visa. Having a child in Chile will make it easier for your family to move to the U.S.!
Роды в Чили

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Паспорт Чили

The power of the Chilean passport

11th place
in the Passport Index's ranking of passports
visa-free countries
in the Western Hemisphere security ranking
90 days
visa-free travel to the U.S.

Service Packages

For your convenience, we have prepared several packages for you to choose from


  • Consultation in selection and reservation of air tickets
  • Assistance in selection and collection of all necessary documents
  • Preparation for the trip, constant consultations of the company's specialists
  • Assistance in selecting a clinic
  • Personal accompaniment of the curator in Chile to conclude an individual contract with the clinic
  • Turnkey processing of Chilean citizenship and other documents for the baby
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Cost €2 500


  • Preparation for the trip, constant consultations with the company's specialists
  • Assistance in registration and collection of all necessary documents
  • Selection and booking of air tickets
  • Accommodation rental
  • Selection of a clinic even before departure to Chile
  • Meeting at the airport, transfer to the place of residence
  • Issuance of a SIM card, cell phone connection
  • Assistance with settling in at the new place of residence
  • Conclusion of a contract with the clinic
  • Registration and accompaniment to medical appointments
  • Accompaniment at childbirth
  • Welcome gift at the airport
  • A gift at discharge from the maternity hospital
  • Turnkey registration of all documents for the baby
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Cost €5 400


  • All services of the "Comfort" package
  • 20 additional hours of escort for any outings
  • 20 additional transfers to all appointments at the clinic, for childbirth, for registration of documents at the registry office in a comfortable car.
  • Housekeeper - a girl who will do the housework, grocery shopping and support the pregnant woman throughout her stay in Chile (for 2 months).
  • Professional family photo shoot before and after the birth with the newborn baby 7 consultations with a lawyer who specializes in the law in Chile
  • Leisure activities, tour booking, travel arrangements
  • Car tour around the coastal towns (Concon, Viña del Mar and Valparaiso) with a guide-interpreter
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Cost €15 000

Chilean nationality for parents

for two parents
€4 900
+ 1 400€ for each subsequent family member


  • Filing of documents with Chilean government agencies
  • Apostille and translation of required documents
  • Interpreter services upon receipt of documents
  • Information support while waiting for the passport
  • Comprehensive support at all stages of obtaining temporary residence permit, permanent residence permit and citizenship
  • Feedback on the status of documents and procedures


  • Instant immigration
  • Naturalisation in Chile without financial investment
  • Chile passport in 3 years
  • 160+ visa-free destinations including the US, Canada and the EU
  • Chile passports for the whole family
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The company's Russian and Spanish speaking supervisors accompany you at all
stages (before, during and after) of your stay in Chile

By choosing to give birth in
Chile, you are choosing comfort
and well-being for your family

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