Why Choose Chile for Childbirth?

Traveling to Chile for childbirth is not just a visit to a distant exotic country on the other side of the globe, but a time-tested popular destination that has been chosen by over a thousand women in 5+ years.

  • Swift entry process with no visa requirement;
  • Citizenship to the child at the same time as the birth certificate;
  • Citizenship for parents within 3 years;
  • Access to visa-free travel in over 160 countries;
  • Chile stands as Latin America’s most developed capitalist nation;
  • Boasts top-tier healthcare facilities;
  • Maintains a low crime rate, ensuring safety and security;
  • Known for its favorable taxation policies
why chile

Discover Chile – a land of
endless possibilities!

  • High level of safety
    Chile ranks as the second safest country in the Americas, right after Canada. With lower crime rates and an efficient law enforcement system, Chile offers a safe environment for its residents.
  • Thriving business opportunities
    As a Chilean citizen, you enjoy the freedom to travel, work, and expand your business across South America, thanks to Mercosur. This powerful alliance fosters free trade among South American nations, opening doors to promising business prospects.
  • Comprehensive social support
    Chile boasts one of Latin America’s most advanced social security systems. Pensioners and individuals with disabilities receive not only financial assistance but also extensive support. Furthermore, every Chilean passport holder gains access to quality free healthcare and education.
  • Cutting-edge healthcare
    Chile’s healthcare system stands out, evidenced by its citizens’ high life expectancy, among the world’s highest. With men averaging a lifespan of 78 years and women 83 years, Chile’s healthcare system ensures access to top-notch medical care and advanced technologies for all.
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Chile isn't just a country; it's your gateway to a new life filled with safety, opportunities, and support
Роды в Чили
Join the ranks of those who have already chosen Chile and embark on the journey to an exciting new life in this enchanting country!
Chile boasts a diverse array of high-quality educational institutions, spanning from kindergartens to universities, from kindergartens to higher education, providing good prospects for children's education.

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Chilean medicine is a benchmark
of quality and accessibility

  • World recognition: Chile surpasses many countries, including Poland, Russia, Latvia and Ireland, in the world ranking of the quality of medical services.
  • State-of-the-art facilities: Medical facilities are equipped with the latest technology, and qualified specialists have studied at leading US and EU universities.
  • Accessibility of health care: Chile adheres to the principle of ensuring access to high quality medical services for all residents and visitors to the country.
  • Diversity of anesthesia methods: Clinics offer a wide range of anesthesia methods, from natural anesthesia to epidural anesthesia, to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Individualized approach to women in labor: Chile emphasizes special attention to ensuring that each woman in labor is treated with care and attention.
Чилийская медицина

Childbirth abroad: exotic
or new reality?

Advantages of childbirth abroad

All parents want their children to grow up in favorable conditions, receive quality education and be confident in the future. Ensure a better future for your baby today!

Childbirth in Chile with citizenship will allow your child to live in the most developed country in Latin America. A strong Chilean passport allows you to travel the world without visas, freely visiting 160+ countries including the United States, Canada, and Japan.

Преимущества родов за границей

How to decide to give birth abroad

Even if they are aware of the obvious advantages of giving birth abroad, not every woman is ready to take this step so quickly. Expectant mothers are often intimidated by the idea of giving birth in a foreign country, with a different language and culture. Also, pregnant women are often afraid of long flights, changes in their familiar environment, a sharp change in time zones, and much more.

Chilebabies will take away all your fears and worries. Today, giving birth abroad is as safe as it can be. Every year thousands of women cross the ocean to give birth in the best hospitals in Latin America. Thanks to the high level of organization of the trip to Chile, your delivery will be just like at home. For our part, we will provide you with everything you need – transfer, comfortable accommodation, experienced interpreter, attentive guide and legal support at every stage of your participation in the program.

Как решиться на роды в другом государстве

Planning a birth abroad

The birth of a child is a joyful and significant event that requires careful preparation. We recommend calculating the necessary budget for the birth and preparing all travel documents for your trip to Chile. Unlike visits to Canada and the United States, citizens of many countries can enter Chile without an embassy interview or paying a fee. It is also advisable to choose an airline and plan your departure date to Chile in advance. Note that women in the final months of pregnancy may face restrictions on purchasing tickets for long-haul flights.

Планирование родов за границей

Costs of childbirth in Chile

Please note that the cost of your trip to give birth abroad includes information support, airport pickup and transfer, internet and cell phone access, Chilean documents for the newborn, and Chilean citizenship. The package also covers the issuance of a passport for your child in the parents’ country of residence, along with detailed 24/7 telephone consultation. The choice of package depends not only on your budget but also on your individual needs. We recommend carefully reviewing each package to select the one that best suits your requirements.

Стоимость родов

Childbirth in Chile with citizenship registration

Don’t miss the chance to give your baby a better future! Choose our program for giving birth abroad with the option of obtaining a second passport. According to Chilean law, any child born in Chile automatically becomes a citizen by right of birth. In contrast, most European countries do not grant citizenship to children born on their soil if the parents are foreign nationals. In Canada and the United States, children of foreign nationals cannot obtain a passport until they reach the age of majority. Additionally, the cost of childbirth in Western clinics can reach up to $30,000, while childbirth in Chile is 2-3 times cheaper. Despite the lower costs, the level of professionalism of Chilean doctors is on par with their counterparts in the USA and Canada.

Стоимость родов